What does a child really gain from SMASH Camps

We’ve always been proud of what we offer at our popular SMASH Camps, here at Stubbers Adventure Centre. We love seeing the faces of new and returning guests and how they enjoy their time with us, whether it’s just a day or a full week.

But we especially love the way that time with us doesn’t just mean physically challenging activities – there’s a whole host of other stuff they’re learning without even knowing it! Important stuff, like vital skills that will equip them for the rest of their lives.

They’re meeting new friends. That’s great, the more friends, the merrier! Crucially, though, this is developing their ability to communicate with others – pretty important for getting on in life, whatever it throws at you, wouldn’t you agree? Unlike school, where they’re grouped with children they have probably known for a long time already, they can choose who they want to spend time with, which is showing their ability to develop their own opinions about others.

They’re learning a new skill. On the face of this, yes, it sounds simple – they’re learning how to climb our climbing wall. However, this activity could be something they’re scared of, either because they’ve never done it before or maybe they’re scared of heights. By completing the task in hand, they’re learning to conquer or address their fears as well as physically and mentally challenging themselves.

They’re making their own decisions. They can choose what they want to do and who they want to spend time with, so they’re putting themselves in charge, which demonstrates their individuality as well as independence. Those who stay over with us will further develop their independence as they take responsibility for looking after themselves without parents looking on (although our team are always on hand, of course!)

These are just a few examples of how “just playing” here at Stubbers develops your child more than you could imagine.

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