The Great Gaming Debate: How much time spent on the PlayStation is too much time?

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It’s a question that parents all over the country will wrestle with during the summer holidays, as children often choose a virtual world of Call of Duty and Fortnite over bike rides and jumpers-for-goalposts.

Video Ban?

Imposing a video-game ban throughout the summer holidays would be a pretty bold move, but it is important to get that balance right between gaming-time and outside activities; especially given that the Great British Summer has actually turned up for once!

In a year when the World Health Organisation acknowledged the existence of Gaming Disorder, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of playing on the Xbox or PlayStation.

Not only can certain games teach children about problem-solving and multi-tasking, but setting the TV up in the living room and playing alongside your kids is a great way to bond in the holidays.

What’s more, asking your child to explain to you how to play a certain game you’ve not played before can work wonders for their communication skills!

Physical Activity is Important

However, it’s still important to schedule in some time to get up, out of the house and enjoying the many benefits of physical activity, too.

That might well be a bike ride through the countryside, a run around the park or a kick-about in the back garden, but if you are after something a little more substantial – we’ve definitely got you covered.

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