Top tips to plan the school holidays

Top tips to plan the school holidays


If you’re a little concerned about keeping the kids happy and active throughout the summer holidays, you aren’t the only one!

The benefits of mapping out your plans and breaking down the holidays into bitesize chunks are plain for all to see. This is a great way to bring some order to the holidays – helping you avoid arguments, creating a schedule that the kids themselves will love and, best of all, helping you fill the time making new memories as a family.

Here are four great ways to plan the school holidays:

Make it a joint project

Working on a plan with your children will not only help you make a schedule they’re genuinely interested in, it will also teach them how to compromise.

For example, you could break a day up into morning, afternoon and evening sessions – agreeing to visit the park and go swimming on the condition that the kids first tidy their rooms in the morning.

Together with your children, create your own colour-coded chart and stick it on the fridge, ensuring you have a good mix of days out and down-time.

Team up with other parents

Kids might well want to attend specific days out or birthday parties only if one of their beloved classmates is also going.

With this in mind, it’s not a bad idea to liaise with your child’s close friend’s parents/carer in advance, as this allows you some time to book in days when your child can hang out with their close friends from school.

Enjoy some R&R

The kids might well want to start the summer break at 100mph; seeing friends, going places and saying yes to everything that comes their way as the excitement of six weeks away from the classroom sweeps over them.

Be sure to schedule in some days at home, where the kids can busy themselves playing in the garden, building forts and watching Disney films for the 53rd time.

… but keep them active too!

It’s important for the kids to enjoy some down time, but if those two words – I’m bored – fill you with dread during the holidays, we’ve got just the answer!

Here at SMASH Camps we have a huge variety of exciting adventures and activities that are custom-made for kids to enjoy. Get your kids out of the house and along to our adventure centre, where they can make new friends while they sail, quad bike, banana boat and rock climb their way through the holidays.

The summer holidays were made to be enjoyed outdoors – so get the sunscreen on, the Xbox turned off and book in a session to visit our 130-acre adventure space!